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BME 551: Tissue Engineering

Taught: 2018 - present

Offered: Spring (every 2 years)

This graduate course is designed to provide background for the application of engineering principles with the life sciences to facilitate understanding of normal and pathological mammalian tissues. Applications of drug delivery, tissue and cell transplantation, bioartificial organs, tissue regeneration, disease models, and applications in clinical practice will be explored.

BME 695: Polymers in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Systems

Taught: 2017 - present

Offered: Spring (every 2 years)

This graduate course is designed to provide backgrounds in basic polymer chemistry, synthesis, characterization, solution properties, and recent advances in polymers for applications in drug delivery, biomedical devices, tissue engineering, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

West Lafayette Megabowl winning teams:

     2017: We Drink

     2019: Fantastic Four

BME 201: Biomolecules. Structure, Function, and Engineering Application

Taught: 2018 - present

Offered: Fall

This sophomore-level course is designed to provide background on the classes of molecules (biomolecules) such as sugars, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids that form the cellular components of living organisms. It explores the chemistry behind the structure and function of these important classes  of biological  molecules.  Hydrogen-bonding, hydrophobic forces, electrostatic interactions along with other weak interactions are discussed with reference to their importance in biomolecular systems in an engineering context.

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